Alchemy of Revolution

Alchemy of Revolution is a hybrid book, both a memoir and a philosophical treatise. It is inspired by the poetry that was scribbled on the walls of Paris during May ’68: live without dead time, enjoy without restraints. And by Raoul Vaneigem’s manifesto, Revolution of Everyday Life, as well as by Spinoza, Nietzsche, Deleuze, Jung, Reich … and different esoteric traditions.

What emerges in between subjective memories spanning from the Carnival against Capitalism in 1999 to the Occupy movements in 2011-2012, is a story of revolution that begins from a transformation of the self and leads outward to a transformation of desire (from lack to positivity), of love (from neediness to a free gift without expectation), and of community (as sovereignty among equals, or equality among sovereigns). The word “alchemy” in the title is influenced by Jung’s reflections that any external transformation of base metal into gold could only take place after the alchemist first achieved an internal transformation that required passing through a series of crises and breakdowns of identity.

Since I am posting fragments from the book in haphazard fashion on the blog, as I feel inspired to work on different sections, the purpose of this page is to reassemble them in a linear order and to give a better overview of the whole.


Ch 1 – Illusion

Ch 2 – Immanence

Ch 3 – Sovereignty

Ch 4 – Love



    1. Yes, very much still a work in progress. I started this blog as a way of making more steady progress on the two books I’m working on. And also to be able to share some incidental musings that are not connected to either.

      1. Do please let your followers (yuk!), know the publication date; I for one will happily hand over the readies. Will you produce a physical book or eBook – perhaps both?

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