1. Wow. There’s not much more that I can say than that.

    “But no conditioning can be ever be total, otherwise we would be reduced to lethargic puppets that sleepwalk mechanically through the labyrinth of life.” –I think that in today’s world, increasingly, the conditioning is near total for some. So often I see people who have one-way eyes, who aren’t aware of the world around them.

  2. I don’t know anyone for whom conditioning is near total. Sometimes I observe people who I don’t know, from a distance, and think to myself that they are sleepwalking mechanically through life. But I really have no clue what goes on in their hearts and minds, so maybe it’s a bit of arrogance. And I would rather be optimistic and think that they must have moments when they’re transported out of their slumber by feelings of love, or appreciation for a sunset, or the smile of a child, or some dissatisfaction that gnaws at their bones…

  3. Rather than reiterate what Michael Dale says above, and which in any case is obvious, may I congratulate you on tackling the subject at hand whilst remaining grounded and intelligible?

    What you speak of, in so far as I am able to interpret your words, many others struggle to convey with any originality. They instead may allude to the mysterious, the arcane and esoteric, and one is left wondering really quite what knowledge has been actualised within the writer – ‘nothingness’, ’emptiness’, ‘oneness’; really, was that it?

    ‘And having stumbled upon such enchanted moments by chance, it is natural that we should seek to extend them by will into the rest of our lives.’

    I laughed at that line; the many times I’ve grasped back at those perfect moments! So bloody hard to resist – perhaps one of the final hurdles? I think this is so, in so far as we can speak of any finality . . .

    I saw elsewhere that you describe yourself as a writer rather than author, so was intrigued at the footnote and shall have a look to see where your book can be purchased.

    All best wishes, and much respect to you.

    Hariod Brawn.

    P.S. Green with envy at your writing skill :mrgreen:

    1. I don’t believe enchanted moments are obstacles to overcome or temptations to be resisted, but precisely the kind of magic that makes life worthwhile and sublime. I could say they are vehicles to the divine or to an experience of oneness, though I wouldn’t really use those words. I’d like to share a joke I once heard about a Buddhist adept having visions of spirit guides and enchanted fairies coming to give him messages during meditation and the Zen monk slapping him with his stick and saying let it go, get back to your breath. Honestly, I wonder who wouldn’t choose the visions over the promise of … nothingness.

      I described myself as a writer because I write; it’s what I like to do and what I’m good at. Author conjures for me the idea of an original creator or an artist genius, and is bound up with a specific ideology (or fiction) that was invented by Romantic poets. Before the Romantic period in literature, writers were seen as craftspeople or as messengers who were occasionally inspired by a collective wisdom that was greater than the sum of their personality or their skill.

      1. A little clarification and apology for not having expressed myself sufficiently well:

        I said above at 18.04 ‘ . . . the many times I’ve grasped back at those perfect moments! So bloody hard to resist – perhaps one of the final hurdles?

        What I meant was that the grasping back is what needs to be overcome. It is just this grasping action that inhibits the free expression of any ‘perfect moment’. It is the mind trying to reconstruct (past) awareness as a memory, a concept. And yet any ‘perfect moment’ cannot be conceptualised of course; so neither can it be remembered as it was. I have nothing against perfect (you call them ‘enchanted’), moments unsurprisingly. 😉

        You know all this of course, so I’m kind of correcting my own sloppiness here, though was uncomfortable that you may have thought I was taking issue with you – most certainly not!

        Thank you for your further words in response to my comment; all of which are appreciated and understood.

        I wish you well anonymous messenger.

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