1. The ancient philosophers remind of Burt Lancaster’s comment; at my age I have no time for bullshit. Those guys were in real issues not war over nonsense of our time, though there are some good stuff like your postings is going now too. Thank you, wise comments.

    1. My friend spent the last 20 years of her life transforming in preparation for the next world. Time was very much on her mind. She died in a glorious state–through spiritual work and self-transformation. To speak to her on the phone was literally intoxicating.

    1. Thank you. I’m grateful for your comments and likes, which lead me back to your own blog. Many congratulations as well, I look forward to diving into the pages more deeply.

  2. Dear Hariod, I enjoyed the pictures as well as the words. I answered, indirectly, on one of your own texts about the comparisons of better than and worst than… I appreciate the talents of people who build houses, make furniture, cook amazing meals, as well as of artists, musicians, and other writers. Some writers excel at the systematic exposition of ideas, others like to paint and make sound compositions with words; we all have something to offer for those who are open to receiving gifts.

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